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The Independent Steel Alliance’s initial primary membership recruitment strategy is focused on independent fabricators of reinforcing steel. As such, our initial target membership groups include:

  • Rebar fabricators
  • Precast concrete companies
  • Prestress companies

Our target membership companies will be those who are:

  • Independently-owned and operated
  • Privately-held
  • Creditworthy
  • Open to collaborative ventures
  • Seeking to improve their purchasing power with suppliers

ISA capitalizes on existing knowledge of and participation with target groups through trade associations and meetings, as well as through word-of-mouth recruitment by current and future members of the coop. Despite being in competition with one another, independent steel firms have previously joined together for cooperative efforts. ISA relies on this communal spirit among independent firms as a powerful recruitment tool.

ISA members represent the “best and the brightest” in their industry segments in many ways. One very important way is that they are creditworthy companies. In order for ISA to be successful in negotiating attractive rebate programs for its members with suppliers, the suppliers must first acknowledge that our members are an attractive group of buyers. To that end, all Membership Applications are subject to an independent and confidential review to determine the creditworthiness of all members. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject membership to those companies who fail to demonstrate and/or maintain acceptable credit standards.

The media through which we will communicate with specific members of our target groups will focus on face-to-face meetings, especially surrounding existing trade association meetings where target members may otherwise be attending in groups. As ISA matures, other methods of communication will be incorporated into the recruitment efforts, including online social networking, electronic newsletter, Twitter account, website, and Facebook page.

Membership in ISA is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please click here.

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