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About ISA


The Independent Steel Alliance is a member-driven cooperative venture. It is not a trade association. Rather, ISA is a business venture for the financial and competitive benefit of its investing members.

Members in ISA are independent companies who purchase and fabricate concrete reinforcing steel and related products. Members elect a Board of Directors which votes on all major decisions democratically. Membership is by invitation only.

ISA serves its members by negotiating rebates from suppliers in a variety of programs. At the end of each fiscal year, ISA distributes 100% of collected rebates (net of overhead and investments) to its members based on their proportionate participation. These rebates are distributed in the form of patronage dividends.

Our Vision

Independent Steel Alliance members have joined together to leverage their collective purchasing power to achieve financial and competitive advantage. ISA members strongly feel that there is, and always will be a place in the competitive marketplace for independently-owned steel companies. However, ISA members recognize that independently, their ability to negotiate more competitive supply agreements is limited, but that through cooperative effort, members may benefit from significant cost savings.


Our Mission

  • To achieve measurable and significant financial returns by leveraging collective purchases for patronage rebates from suppliers.
  • To achieve measurable cost savings on administrative programs through cooperative effort.
  • To provide a forum to an exchange of information, technical resources and other assistance among cooperative members.

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